Launched officially in 2014, Stitches of Style, was created with the vision of designer Goniur Rez Ahmed. The unique brand was created to feature limited edition items for interested patrons that have a desire and appreciation for exclusive products. With a business model of creating "Art" rather then a mass production line, the brand focuses on very small runs on everything designed and created for purchase. We do not reissue items created beyond whatever original quantity of release. 

Stitches of Style was founded by Rez in the early stages with the assistance of Kazi Ahmed. He and Kazi set the preliminary foundation of the company and set the ground work for what the brand is today. Rez, who has over fifteen years of hands-on experience in the industry set forth with the mission to "create and inspire" as he . Born in Bangladesh, but raised in New York City, Rez has been involved with many brand over the years. He has navigated in many aspects of design in that time where he absorbed and applied the things his design approach. He has a keen focus on the details and often seen small design aspects of what he creates. This is partially why the name sake of "Stitches of Style" was given to the brand, because every "stitch" matters.